Aggressive Or Fearful Dog Vet House Call

Dogs can be fractious or aggressive for a number of different reasons including fear aggression, learned aggression, innate aggression and defensive aggression. Medium, large and giant breed dogs can cause very serious injuries which can be fatal. For this reason Dr. Bennett is very diligent in working safely with these animals in order to keep everyone involved (including the pet) safe and healthy. Here are some mandatory guidelines in obtaining services from Dr. Bennett's Veterinary House calls with an animal that may be aggressive.

1) Speak with Dr. Bennett/staff member about your pet's aggression issues prior to the visit. Often we will send sedatives for your pet to take 2 hours prior to the appointment. 

1) Always make sure your animal is kept in a separate and secure room away from the front door when the doctor/staff members arrive. Please be prepared to sit down and talk about your animal before leading the doctor/staff member to your pet.

2) Please put a muzzle on your animal prior to it having contact with veterinary staff members. Make sure the muzzle is secure and as tight as possible. If your pet will not tolerate a muzzle then make Dr. Bennett/staff aware of this prior to the appointment so that an appropriate 'plan B' can be implemented. If you are at danger putting a muzzle on your pet do not attempt to do so (inform the doctor).

3) Do not allow other animals/children in the area where the consultation is taking place.

4) Do not feed your animal for 6 hours prior to exam in case sedation is needed.

4) Please do not attempt to help the doctor restrain your animal in any way while the exam is taking place. If you insist on helping please inform the doctor/staff member at the time of scheduling the appointment.


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