Aggressive Or Fearful Cat Vet House Call

Depending on the individual, cats have a variable tolerance for aversion. For the most part, although there are many exceptions, cats tend not to like manipulation, prodding and probing, being woken from a nap, being deprived of a meal, or any other inconvenience to their daily modus operandi. Dr. Bennett is very good with fearful and aggressive animals but provisions must be met in order to make sure the house call is successful.

1) Always let the Dr. know before the appointment if your cat does not like to be handled or touched by strangers.

2) Do not feed fractious, aggressive or fearful cats for 6 hours before a the house call.

3) Confine your cat in a bathroom or small room with no fragile objects or furniture to hide under. If this is not possible please speak with Dr. Bennett before the appointment so that other plans may be anticipated.

4) Please keep all distractions to a minimum (TV, children, other animals, power tools etc.)

5) Please keep a safe distance and do not distract the Dr. or staff member while they are handling a fractious patient.

6) After Dr. Bennett leaves aggressive cats may still be on the defensive for a day or so. Please be careful.


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